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Reglove relaces all makes and models of fielders gloves. The Reglove Signature Service® is a comprehensive glove service to replace all laces, clean, and condition your glove. We carefully remove all of your old glove laces and clean, and condition your glove with all natural leather care products. After this initial step, your glove is assembled back together with high quality American tanned glove lace cut to specifications in our shop. With every Reglove Signature Service®, we provide a complimentary tin of our all natural Reglove Glove Conditioner, a Reglove sticker, and pin. Our services are backed by a one-year warranty to protect against broken laces from the date of the original purchase. 


Ship gloves to: Reglove, 8416 Debellis Creek Ct., Las Vegas, NV 89131


Free return shipping on all glove repairs.

Fielders Glove Relace

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