Catchers Mitt Relace


All glove relaces include a deep clean and condition of the interior and exterior of the glove. This is done with all natural cleaners and leather conditioners. More than one lace color can be specified. All laces are replaced on the glove. Please put additional requests in the add information box. Gloves will be returned within 3-5 business days. 



Lace Length

  • Short - laces will be cut slightly shorter than standard glove lace lengths.
  • Regular - laces will be cut to standard glove lace lengths. 
  • Long - laces will be slightly longer than standard glove lace lengths.
  • Extra long - laces will be left 1 to 2 inches longer than long glove lace lenghts.



  • Loose - the glove will be relaced to allow for immediate game play.
  • Regular - the glove will be relaced to have the same feel as when it was originally purchased. 
  • Tight - the glove will require break in time and be slightly tighter than when it was originally purchased.
Lace Color
Lace Length

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