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Respect is a word synonymous with baseball. In 2005, one of my favorite players Ryne Sandberg delivered his Hall of Fame speech in Cooperstown, New York. Sandberg highlights his illustrious career using the word respect 19 times. This speech reinforced my convictions that baseball is owed a great deal of respect. Above all true respect is given and earned both on and off the field.  

In November 2014, I spent an afternoon with Kreg Harrison, the father of KJ Harrison. KJ was an aspiring young ball player who played on the Snow Canyon High School 3A Utah State Championship baseball team in 2012. Just a few weeks after the championship game KJ lost his life in a tragic accident. I didn't know KJ, but I knew his teammates, friends, and coaches had the upmost respect for him. Snow Canyon went on to win another championship in 2013 with the number 6 hanging in their dugout in his honor.


While visiting Kreg, he told me of he and his sons plans to start a glove relacing business in St. George, Utah. Up to that point I thought I had the original idea to start a glove repair business to serve this area. Kreg showed me KJ's gloves. That experience reinforced the respect I had for KJ and gave me greater respect for his dad Kreg. I believe a fixed or used glove can be just as good as a new one. KJ demonstrated this principle in action. At the end of my visit Kreg gave me a box of gloves KJ had worked on. 


I added these gloves to the collection of gloves I had been saving to give to kids that need a glove. Each of these gloves was marked with KJ's name and the number 6. This is a tradition I have kept and incorporated into the Respect KJ6 Initiative. The initiative seeks to honor the life of KJ through giving every kid the opportunity to play baseball. 


Please contact us, if you or someone you know needs a ball glove. Reglove will ship or deliver gloves to those that need one. Look for the KJ6 mark on gloves to see and recognize the impact KJ continues to have on the game of baseball. 

KJ Harrison

KJ Harrison Playing for Snow Canyon High School

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