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glove repair

We provide an extensive range of glove repair services, including binding repair, sewing torn leather, interior hand stalls replacement, felt padding change-out, web swaps, custom webs, glove engraving, break in services, and color correction.

price and service list

Estimated costs:

$200 - Handstall, binding replacement, and relace

$75 - Binding replacement

$75 - Catchers mitt padding

$30 - Thumb padding inserts

$30 - Pinky padding inserts

$20 - Thumb loops

$20 - Pinky loops

$25 - Color correction (black only)

$55 - Custom replacement web

$25 - Stock replacement I-web

Please contact us to receive a quote for other repairs. Pre-payment is required for glove repairs. Invoices will be sent for glove repairs. 

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